Grateful Dads

Current Hike List

Chapter: Marin - Founding Chapter
Hike: Simmons Music Camp Cataract (Details)

Chapter: East Bay
Hike: HIKE #91 - 11/13/11 - Garin Park (Details)

Chapter: Idaho Falls
Hike: Walking Dads of Idaho Falls (Details)

Chapter: South Orange County
Hike: South Orange County (Details)

Chapter: Spokane Go-Dads
Hike: Grateful Dads, Spokane Go-Dads (Details)

Chapter: Chicagoland Grateful Dads
Hike: Harm Woods North 6-20-09 (Details)

Chapter: Midcoast Maine
Hike: Midcoast Maine (Details)

Chapter: Grateful Dads Lake Tahoe
Hike: Grateful Dads Lake Tahoe (Details)

Chapter: Grateful Dads STL
Hike: Grateful Dads STL (Details)

Chapter: Grateful Dads of Charleston
Hike: Charleston Hike (Details)

Chapter: North San Diego County Kids n Dads
Hike: North San Diego County Kids n Dads (Details)

Chapter: Saratoga / Southern Adirondack
Hike: Saratoga / Southern Adirondack (Details)

Chapter: Anacortes Grateful Dads Hiking Group
Hike: Anacortes (Details)

Chapter: DFW Chapter
Hike: DFW Chapter Hike (Details)

Chapter: Monroe County
Hike: Monroe County (Details)

Chapter: Grateful Dads North Jersey
Hike: Grateful Dads North Jersey (Details)

Chapter: Pittsburgh
Hike: #3 - 2008-04-26 - Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve (Details)

Chapter: Mountain State Grateful Dads
Hike: Raven Rock Dr (Details)